"Revolutionizing software development and deployment with collaboration and automation. "
Why NocServe for DevOps?
- Custom-developed monitoring solution
- Automated infrastructure provisioning
- Resiliency
- Increased agility
- Enhanced quality
- Improved innovation
- Reduced outages
- Scalability
Our DevOps Solutions
Solution Designing
Solution Engineering
Stack Development
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NocServe's Solution Designing services involve the expert planning and design of software solutions, including the selection and integration of various components and technologies. Our process ensures a well-architected and efficient infrastructure, deployed to meet your unique business needs.
NocServe designs a tailored software development and deployment solution by selecting and integrating tools and technologies to streamline the process, and training teams to use it effectively.
NocServe offers Stack Development as a service, which involves building, testing, and deploying the software components required for a specific application or service. In DevOps, a "stack" includes the operating system, web server, programming language runtime, and other supporting software. Our team specializes in creating tailored stacks that meet the specific needs of our clients' applications and services.
NocServe's operations services cover all aspects of managing and maintaining the systems and infrastructure that support software development and deployment. Our team of experts handles monitoring, maintenance, configuration, deployment, security, and troubleshooting, including backups and disaster recovery. With our support, you can stay focused on your core business activities while we ensure your systems run smoothly and efficiently.